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Twitter Marketing For Lead Generation

Let Our Twitter Experts Generate Relevant Leads

Twitter has become one of the fastest platforms being used to share information directly with large audiences. It is an excellent resource for relevant lead generation and easy engagements, so if your company is not on this famous social network, you’re missing out! Want to turn your random news and marketing messages into engaging conversations in under 280 characters? Digital Growth Factor, the Twitter social media marketing agency in Manhattan, has experts who are ready to set you on the right track.

Twitter Brand Awareness

Twitter Profile Optimization

Our team promotes long-term organic growth which leads to enthusiastic followers directly interested in what you offer. We achieve this by strategically picking the right brands and influencers to follow and the right messages to post. Organic growth is the most cost-effective method to gain an audience for your business.

Our Twitter Marketing Campaigns Generate Business

Let Our Experts Manage Your Twitter Account For Increased Lead Generation And Better Conversions

Profile Optimization

We design a custom campaign for you to grow a steady following in the long-term for your Twitter presence

Content Strategy

Through generated content, we engage with key influencers and potential customers for improved lead generation and a faster sales cycle

Follower Growth

By using tweets that promote your brand, we get your message to reach and target the right audiences to grow your channel and generate more leads

Twitter Cards

You can connect with your core audience through powerful content which will speak volumes about what you do explicitly

Twitter Advertising

At DGF, we identify the social media channels most likely to affect your brand and then create engaging discussions on them for their channel followers to see

Custom Reports

We provide you with a custom report that includes metrics related to your business objectives and the efforts we make to help you achieve those goals

Build A Positive Image

Our Twitter Experts Improve Social Conversions

Making the right impression on your audience within a limited number of characters is the key to Twitter marketing. Our Twitter content strategy services in Manhattan include crafting powerful messages for your campaign using a blend of compelling imagery and meaningful words, leading to more engagement. The secret to succeeding on Twitter lies in the type of content you put out, hashtags you use and ensuring that you are appealing to the right audience. We take pride in the amount of research and effort we put into the messages we create to help our clients thrive.

Establish Credibility

Connect With Your Audience Via Social

Twitter’s advertising platform gives its users the ability to increase their following and reach their target audiences with the right message. We use the platform to create a compelling brand image with the right marketing message, leading to an increase in lead generation and social audience growth.

Influencer Outreach

Connect With Key Influencers On Twitter

An increasingly important Twitter marketing strategy is to connect with the right influencers. Being a Twitter influencer marketing agency in Manhattan, we connect with important accounts that engage with brands online and make sure your page is the one they talk about. Positive interactions like these fuels interest in your brand, which in turns fuels interest in your products and services. Our clients experience long-term growth and brand recognition through the campaigns we create, which become a topic of discussion for relevant hashtags and popular accounts.