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Google Ads is now the top advertising channel for most online advertisers. We have over fifteen years of experience in producing high performing pay per click campaigns that focus on gaining optimal conversions while lowering costs. As a Google adwords service providing company in Manhattan, our goal is to create compelling ads and attractive landing pages to improve the metrics of your campaign. Thus, giving the Google Ads platform a reason to rate your targeted keywords in the best way possible, making it an effective investment.

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Powerful Retargeting Strategies

The search network is the main target for anyone wanting to reach a large and widespread search audience. Everyone turns to search engines for information, so if your brand and message are at the top of the search results above the natural results, your products and services will be highlighted in front of a large relevant audience.

Google-Specialized PPC Management Services

Our Clients Hire Us To Continually Optimize Their Google Ads Campaigns While They Conduct Their Business


At Digital Growth Factor (DGF), we use relevant keywords to make sure the search network places your brand in front of leading brands and influencers.


The display network has a unique way of flagging ads on the AdSense and DoubleClick advertising networks.


Every single advertising message is examined and tested through A/B testing to make sure they result in optimal conversions.


The key to a successful PPC campaign is making sure you invest in the right and most relevant keywords.


Where your audience lands after clicking on your ad is what decides whether they will convert to a paying customer or not.


We aim to reduce costs in the long-term by producing the metrics that Google Ads look for from their best advertisers.

Powerful Ads For Lead Generation

Each Ad Is Built For Maximum Attraction And Conversion

Google’s display network allows you to target and reach your audience as they surf the Internet. We promote long-term engagement with an audience that is directly interested in the products and services you offer. Your ads are displayed on both the AdSense and DoubleClick advertising networks based on what will work best for your brand. Digital Growth Factors granular approach to targeting makes sure that your ads are shown to audiences that are relevant and most likely to convert to paying customers.

Landing Page Testing

Achieve Higher Conversions

A/B testing plays a powerful role in the PPC management process, and we incorporate it in our adwords campaign management in Manhattan. Our team study the performance of every landing page and keyword to make sure that users land only on the high-performing pages. This leads to higher conversions and lower costs for your PPC campaign in the long run.

Increased Conversions Through Smart Automation

We Achieve Better Results By Reducing Costs

Google Ads gives advertisers engaging opportunities to find new ways to reduce their advertising costs while maximizing the impact their budget has on their growth. Businesses can increase their profits and reduce their costs by improving their conversion rates and visitor retention over time. Our google adwords management ensures that your PPC marketing campaign becomes an investment worth making and a digital marketing effort that funds itself.