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LinkedIn is an excellent recruitment tool for growing businesses and provides a B2B climate, helping connect with other brands. DGF provides LinkedIn management services in Manhattan, New York, creating effective outreach and ad campaigns for our clients to grow their businesses. Want higher sales or a professional online image? We can make sure your brand targets the right professionals on LinkedIn based on their position and the companies they represent.

Laser-Focused Targeting

Find The Right Audience

An advertising campaign can only be effective if it reaches the right people. We help you find and target an audience on LinkedIn that will be most interested in what you have to offer. Thus, placing your brand in front of influential professionals and making sure your ad budget is fully utilized.

We Attract B2B Leads Which Convert Through LinkedIn Advertising

Custom-Built Campaigns Ensure Higher Conversion Ratios And More Relevant Audiences

Need Analysis

We carefully study and use demographic targeting to make sure your ads reach the right professionals

Strategy Development

Our strategies ensure your ads attract professionals who are looking for a solution that you specialize in

Audience Analysis

Your brand becomes more relevant if you engage with a professional audience. We at Digital Growth Factor make sure you stay connected with them


Ad Creation

We study your competitors LinkedIn presence to find any opportunities they have missed that you can benefit from

Competitive Analysis

We focus on long-term cost efficiency, lowering advertising costs and improving your campaign value


We provide short-term and long-term reports to give you a clear idea of your campaign performance


Close More Business With A Better CPA

Our Clients See A Substantial Increase In Sales On LinkedIn

An important part of keeping your brand relevant on LinkedIn is to post articles and updates. We create appealing updates about your newest products, additions to your team, and praises your brand has gotten. Thus, making sure your audience stays up to date. Other forms of content are also created and posted on the platform to make your audience read and interact with your brand. Attractive content keeps them engaged and increases the chances of them turning to you in the future.

Direct Outreach

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Cost efficiency is the key to a successful advertising campaign. While some marketing agencies throw everything on a wall to see what sticks, we take a more experience-based approach. Our LinkedIn marketing agency in Manhattan, New York, achieves this by finding out how and where to focus your ads to have the most impact on relevant LinkedIn users.


AD Optimization Means Better B2B Leads

We Produce Custom Ads For Your LinkedIn Audiences

Almost every company has a LinkedIn presence. It is the largest business network in the world and helps you learn more about your competitors, which is very important. We study them constantly to see how much each of your key competitors is advertising. As a LinkedIn B2B lead generation company, we monitor what types of updates get them the most attention and which influencers on the platform are helping them the most. This helps us perfect your campaign and give you insights to help you succeed and dominate the market.