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If Your Brand Is Suffering From A Crisis Event, Our Team Can Help Get You Through It

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A Crisis Can Destroy Your Brand

Let Our Experts Rescue Your Brand And Protect It

Your brand being forced into public controversy can be rather alarming. Whether it is a misunderstanding or a mistake, the ultimate goal for your brand is to come back up out of it. Our team at Digital Growth Factor, the crisis management agency in Manhattan, New York, is devoted to helping you pull your business out of a crisis or controversy and place it in a positive light. We work diligently to put your message before the narrative, rebuild faith in your brand and get back to business “as usual.”

Decisive Plan Of Action

Act Swiftly And Accurately

When a crisis strikes, it is essential to have a solid plan of action. The entire team needs to be clear on what has to be said and how to say it. One of the biggest mistakes businesses make during a crisis is not properly communicating with the ones that are communicating with the general public.

Don’t Let Your Crisis Destroy The Brand You’ve Built

Our Crisis Communications Specialists Can Rescue Your Brand And Help You Protect It

Issue Analysis

We analyze the incident to understand how it came about. We observe what information has been made public, and what is being said about the incident.

Risk Assessment

We further look into the media and how it is covering the incident across all the news organizations and online media.

Channel Analysis

We at Digital Growth Factor help you form a plan of action and make sure that plan is understood by everyone in your team.

Communication Strategy

We form a communication strategy to know how to say the right thing at the right time. We also reach out to journalists to get your side of the story out.


We monitor public opinions regarding the incident in-depth to select the best way to create a positive message.


The best time to manage a crisis is before it even takes place. We help you prevent any such incidents from happening in the future.


Build A Positive Dialogue In Social

We Steer The Conversation In A Positive Direction

It is essential to understand how the news is reporting on a subject to know how the public is going to see it. The media may choose to report on any crisis, especially if the story is gaining traction. By connecting with journalists, we can understand better what is being said and get our message out quickly to get ahead of the story. Our crisis management services in Manhattan include weighing the options carefully, speaking with your team about the situation, and deciding on the right approach on what to tell the media.

Media Outreach

Steer The Narrative

During that critical time, your message will have the biggest influence on public opinion. Businesses have often been in situations where they had control over the narrative but failed to send the right message. Our crisis management company in Manhattan ensures that your message is heard and interpreted in the best way possible.

We Monitor Your Brand Online

Send The Right Message When You Need It

The best time to handle a crisis is before it even occurs. Having a plan of action in case of an event allows you to respond faster and even solve the issue before it reaches the public. Being prepared makes it easier for your executive team to take the right course of action and for your own team to put out the right message ahead of time. This could also include connecting with the right journalists and online influencers beforehand to gain the benefit of the doubt.